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Our Company

Since its inception in 2017, ICRETIVESYSTEMS Co.,Ltd has been developing and manufacturing autonomous and automation system, equipped with the  company’s proprietary hardware and software systems. The company delivers either complete systems or major sub-systems.

The Company’s autonomous and automation system carry out advanced functions, such as controlling multiple UAV software for agriculture, particularly fertilizer and pesticide system, a fully automatic vertical taking off and landing of quadplane, area mapping and controllable up to a range of 20 km, and modelling tiltrotor aircrafts combine the traits of aeroplanes and helicopters, to design to provide the vertical take-off and landing capability of helicopters combined with the speed and efficiency advantages of fixed wing aircraft.

In addition, ICEREATIVESYSTEMS Co.,Ltd leverages this technology for other innovative products and solutions. Examples include: automatic robotic systems, unmanned ground vehicle, unmanned aerial fire rescue system.

These technological achievement offer clients the advantages of a cost effective, flexible and varied use of their own platforms. These advantages include the option to fully customer service, “Consultant, Advisor and Solver” and instruct training course of all products, commercial media for all training class.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our robotics and UAV platforms through internal research, design and development.


To be the company that drives the boundaries and creates unmanned autonomous systems technology.


ICREATIVESYSTEMS Co.,Ltd believes in Intelligence Creative Innovation

Intelligence Creative Thinking, intelligence creative solutions and successful implementation for mission achievement

ICREATIVESYSTEMS Co.,Ltd fulfills your desire to provide the most practical aerial intelligence solution.

We endeavor to innovation. We endeavor to our solutions to be properly implemented, be it in own unique.


  1. Designer and manufacturer for autonomous and automation system for robotics including UAV on land, seaborne and air in field of both hardware and software
  2. Service & Training Course for deployment of autonomous and automation system of robotics
  3. Designer and Manufacturer for sensor systems
  4. Import and create tools for training class and instructional media of science and engineering operation, including equipment of autonomous and automation system for robotics including UAV
  5. Service, Designer, Writer and Editor Code and Development of software in term of Consultant, Advisor and Solver of both hardware and software
  6. Custom Packages

The ultimate flexibility. Pick and choose the hardware, software, and processing outputs that are right for you.