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Power Management Unit

Discover the most reliable Power Management Unit available on the iCreativesystems Co.,Ltd store, latest product in the Drotek PRO series boards!

Drotek released a brand new Power Management Unit (shortened to PMU most of the time) to provide your setup with a power supply board that is both efficient and easy-to-use! Built specifically for Drotek's Pixhawk 3 PRO autopilot, it's easy standardized connectivity and clear signalisation will allow a proper and safe usage of the module within your machine, and provide the possibility of using two batteries on a single power module. It is also capable of bringing redundant clean power supply to your autopilot thanks to two independent power outputs.



  • Height x Length x Width : 24 x 53.4 x 53.4 mm
  • Weight : 48 g
  • Black SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) case with laser screen-printing
  • Use of 2 batteries simutaneously
  • Maximum Voltage Input : Up to 12S battery (50.4V) simultaneously
  • Maximum flowing current capacity : 200A (100A per battery)
  • Current sensing sensibility : 26.66mV/A
  • Voltage sensing sensibility ratio : 15.9

Included in the package:

  • One Power Management Unit board, inside its case
  • Four 6 pins JST-GH cables