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Sensirion SDP3x Airspeed Senso Kit (SDP33)

SDP3x Differential Pressure and Mass Flow Sensors (SDP33)

The SDP3x sensor family is Sensirion’s series of small differential pressure sensors designed for high-volume applications where size is a key requirement. It builds on the next generation CMOSens® sensor chip that is at the heart of Sensirion’s new differential pressure and flow sensing platform.

The digital SDP3x sensor features fast measurement speed, excellent accuracy, and long-term stability and has no zero-point drift. Furthermore, it is reflow solderable and provides extended functionality, such as smart averaging, multiple temperature compensation modes, configurable I2C address, and interrupts.

The analog SDP3x sensors offer a calibrated and temperature compensated analog voltage output. The output signal is configurable: different measurement speeds, output curves, and temperature compensations can be selected, even dynamically during operation mode.



Component SDP33 features :
•Smallest size (5 mm x 8 mm x 5 mm) currently available, opening up new dimension of integration and applications possibilities
•Measurement range ±1500 Pa (±2 in. H2O)
•Excellent accuracy and repeatability, even below 1 Pa
•Maximum airspeed : 50m/s
•No zero-offset, no drift
•Calibrated and temperature compensated
•Fast sampling time of 2 kHz at 16-bit resolution
•Digital I2C and analog output versions
•Reflow solderable, shipped in tape-and-reel for pick-and-place
•Smart averaging algorithm and other digital and analog features

Board Features :
•Black SLS Case
•Dimensions : 3.2cm x 1.6cm x 1cm (L x W x H)
•Weight : 12g (with case, Rubber tubing and Pitot tube)
•Connector : JST-GH 4pins (dronecode connector)
•Only PX4 PixHawk 3 PRO and Dropix ready!

Included :
•Airspeed Sensor
•2 x Rubber tubing
•Pitot Tube
•JST-GH 4pins cable